Our Invoice Factoring program does not rely heavily on you or your company's credit scores.  What is important is the clients you choose to factor have a history of paying their invoices in a timely fashion.

  • We approve a wide range of companies and industries
  • Bad Credit? No problem.  We approve most types of credits
  • We use the latest in web-based technology for easy invoice submission.
  • Work on growing your business while we take of of the paperwork
  • Get paid overnight for your invoices
  • Use invoice factoring today and watch your cash flow tomorrow....literally.

All Types of credits accepted

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At US Financial, we work with all types of invoice factoring products and industries.

  • Small Business Invoice Factoring :  We help small business with less than $10K per month in billing get the cash they need with our micro-factoring product.   While most factoring companies pass on small business we welcome them.    Let us help your small business grow today.
  • International Invoice Factoring : Our International Invoice Factoring program helps mitigate the risk of doing international business.  Know that your invoices will be paid for as soon as your product ships.  
  • ​Freight Bill Factoring : We help owner-operators and trucking companies get paid for their bills-of-lading instantly.  With discounts on fuel, gas cards and overnight funding, we help truckers become successful by helping them better manage their cash flow.
  • Construction / Contractor Factoring : Many contractors need money when their job is complete.  We are one of only a very few companies that do contractor or construction invoice factoring.  Let us help you take on more work today.
  • Most Industries : We offer invoice factoring for industries such as; manufacturing, technology, medical, construction, freight, distribution, cleaning, staffing, international and a whole lot more.

invoice factoring:

turn your open invoices into immediate cash!

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Types of Invoice factoring

Invoice Factoring is a means of turning your accounts receivable into immediate cash.  Invoice Factoring is designed to help companies better manage their cash flow by getting paid for their invoices overnight.  Stop waiting 30, 60, 90 days or more to get paid.   Let invoice factoring turn your invoices into working capital.  It is simple, fast and affordable.