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Deliver your goods or services to your client.

Invoice your client and send us a copy.

Get paid of for the invoice overnight after verified.

Invoice Factoring just got a lot easier for the small business owner!   We specialize in offering solutions for small business.  Many invoice factoring companies shy away for small business but we love them.

We have seen companies grow quickly after starting an invoice factoring program with us as they now have immediate cash to take on more work, hire more employees or buy needed materials to start a new job.

With our small business invoice factoring program you now can sell your invoices after delivering your products or services to pay your employees and start the next project.  Why are you waiting 30, 60, 90 days or more for your money.  Stop waiting and start growing.  Call us today to learn more about invoice factoring and watch your cash flow tomorrow.....literally.

invoice factoring is easy!

Do it all over again and keep growing.

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Small Business invoice factoring

Small business invoice factoring:

$20,000 or less per month.